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In-Depth Analysis For The Most Optimum Installation Capacity

In-depth analysis of the actual load consumption is crucial. That is the reason why we always gather information of electricity consumption behaviour and perform the analysis. This process helps to ensure that the installation capacity of solar PV system we recommend is the most optimum installation capacity.

Best In Class Engineering Design

Our engineering design is based on the most recognised global standards such as IEC in addition to local standard to ensure the highest engineering integrity down to the last detail.

3D simulation modeling is visualisation tool we use to analyse shading in order to ensure that your solar system will achieve the optimum output performance.

Safety in Mind

Safety is at the core of our company policy for working on site. No site works starts before safety briefing. We are also in the process of achieving OHSAS 18001 which reflects our commitment to constantly drive and implement the best of Health and Safety practices.

Operation and Maintenance Services

To ensure that your photovoltaic power plant will only deliver full return on your investment and run as smoothly as possible over its lifetime, we also combine professional operations management with preventive maintenance to ensure the continuous optimisation of your solar plant’s output.

We are a team of dedicated Solar Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Specialists.

The Highest Quality Products

We are full-service solar provider. We make clean energy available to homeowners, businesses, farmers and industries at a very affordable price. Our approach is to install solar systems to the highest engineering standards.

Our unparalleled range includes the very best products from the world’s most respected manufacturers. We offer high-quality solar products from leading manufactures. All products in our portfolio are subject to strict quality controls to ensure that our customers receive long-lasting solar products offering high levels of efficiency.

Warranty and Insurance Services

We offer a 2-year warranty after the project is handovered to customers. If there are any defects caused by our end, we will fix the issues including the replacement of the defective components if any. The costs of labour and materials is covered by us.

In addition, we also offer a free insurance package for up to 3 years.